About Us

Our Story

From beans roasted in a peanut roaster to a variety of smooth, delicious blends all over the country, we’ve really grown.

Where it all began

Where It All Began

We started in the '70s as Stewart Brothers Coffee, brewing surprisingly smooth coffee with just a 12-pound peanut roaster on Seattle's Pier 70.

Bigger shop on a little island

Bigger Shop on a Little Island

We soon outgrew our little roaster and moved to beautiful Vashon Island, where we continued to roast and blend delicious coffee for stores across Seattle.

Becoming the best

Becoming the Best

We entered a competition to name the “best cup of coffee in Seattle," and when our notably smooth taste earned us the coffee crown, we changed our name to Seattle’s Best Coffee.

Henry and his signature blend

Henry and His Signature Blend

Our inaugural signature blend was named for a cat named Henry who liked to warm up next to the roasters. Henry's Blend® became the first of the excellent Seattle's Best Coffee roasts and flavors that followed.

So here we are

So, Here We Are

In the more than 45 years since, it's been a labor of love. We've perfected our signature roasting process while living up to our name and staying true to our roots in stores across the country.

How We Roast

Our thoughtful process, from bean to cup.

better beans

Better beans

100% of our coffee beans come from Arabica trees, resulting in a smooth tasting cup of coffee every time you brew. That means you get incredible taste every time you throw on a pot or pop in a K-cup® pod.

better blends

Better blends

Our master blenders create one-of-a-kind blends with easy, approachable taste. You can count on getting that same, smooth coffee, batch after batch, because of their experience and expertise.

better quality

Better quality

We don't just taste the stuff once, we insist on rigorous quality checks at three crucial steps: when we're choosing beans, before they're shipped to us, and once they've arrived for roasting approval. Along the way, our master roasters randomly micro-roast and taste-test for all sorts of fancy coffee criteria—if it all checks out, every cup you pour comes out fantastic.

Approved for smooth roasting

Approved for smooth roasting

The beans that get the green light undergo our special roasting process for surprisingly smooth taste. It's a little bit like simmering a sauce, and our experts work carefully to perfect every batch you get.

They're all good

They're all good

All that passion and hard work goes into every one of our exceptional blends, so whatever your preference, you get a flavorful cup.