Coffee Ice Cubes Recipe

You love iced coffee. It's a perfectly rich, robust and refreshing way to enjoy your morning (or afternoon) cup of coffee. What you don't love is a watered-down glass that takes away from any of that taste. That's where these frozen feats of coffee-loving ingenuity come in. Here's what you'll need: brewed coffee (try Seattle’s Best Coffee® Breakfast Blend®), ice cube trays, a freezer and a little planning ahead. Yep, just pour, freeze and pop 'em in your next glass of iced-coffee. As the ice melts, you get more of the coffee goodness you want.


  • Seattle’s Best Coffee® Breakfast Blend


  • Fill an ice tray of your choice with leftover Breakfast Blend and freeze.
  • Drop into any blend of Seattle’s Best Coffee® to keep it full of flavor as the cubes melt.